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Execution: 1-pole, 3-pole
Current: 160 A to 630
Type of mounting: mounting plates
Various terminal connections
Accessories: protection cover, insulating partition, etc.


Product features

  • compliant with VDE 0636/21 for safety fuses VDE 0636 and DIN 43620.
  • have a body which is formed of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide or polyester.
  • are equipped with contacts of silver-plated electrolytic copper that are torsion-free mounted in the casing. Robust, mechanically galvanized steel springs provide constant, non-aging contact pressure.
  • devices with protection covers and without protection covers.
  • can be fixed on mounting plates.
  • can be provided with a wide range of cable terminations such as screw, contact prism, bridge clamp, etc.

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